About Us

Enon Missionary Baptist Church was organized on July 1, 1917, when members of Marshall, Madison Seminary, and Walnut Creek Churches met at Jones School House to organize a Missionary Baptist Church. The Rev. S. T. Hensley was called as the first Pastor. L. P. (Polk) Bryan was elected as the first Church clerk. Jobe Rice donated the land for the Church building and was instrumental in organizing the Church. Enon Missionary Baptist Church was the name given by the sixty-five (65) charter members for the new Church

The new Church building was started on Saturday afternoon, July 6, 1917. Until the    Church building could be completed, services were held at Jones School House.

November 11, 1917, the Rev. Hensley set aside Crawford Bryan, Plummer Bryan, and Bill West to be ordained as Deacons. They were ordained on December 22, 1917, in what was quoted as “more like a good revival service than anything else.” They became Enon’s first Deacons. Though the members were still meeting in Jones School House, the Lord was really blessing the Church.

On January 12, 1919, Rev. A. I. Justice was voted in as the new Pastor for as long as he saw fit. The Church building was completed on April 13, 1919. A. I. Justice preached the first sermon in the new building. The building was not completed in detail, but the Church body decided to open it for Church and Sunday school.

June 8, 1919, the first Lord’s Supper was administered. September 14, 1919, Rev. S. T. Hensley preached the first revival held at Enon Missionary Baptist Church. The revival continued for one week. Rev. Hensley was paid $76.50, a parcel of onions, and some new sorghum molasses for his services

Enon Baptist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary and Homecoming on August 24, 2017.